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A local history lesson
I'm not sure this area is big enough to write the name of this place but we are at Musee national des beaux-arts du Quebec. The museum was closed during our visit -- coincidental; not because of me. Featuring over 38,000 pieces of art we are transported back to the 17th century for a look at some Quebec history.
Currently undergoing a major expansion, I was shocked to see how many different eras could be contained in the museum's pavilions. We saw paintings, sculptures and even the old Quebec jail during the private tour. My guide, Sophie, was full of facts and even more information with her iPad that showed followup pictures to what we were looking at in several of the galleries.
One thing I did learn was that you can't get too close to the art or else this high-pitched alarm goes off and security zeroes in on you. Thankfully we didn't get into trouble but we did have a laugh at how easy it was to forget the electronic eyes were watching. And it wasn't just me: Sophie set off the alarm a few times, too! But what that says is people can get so caught up in what they are looking at that they need a reminder to stay back... at least a few inches.
JB chats about the museum
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We only had an hour and a half in the museum and I can tell you it was not enough time to see everything. Well, it is but you're nearly out of breath having to run through the place. I would suggest booking a private tour and taking your time. (Oh yeah, and keep your distance from the stuff on the walls!)