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Around Quebec
Our tour guide, Michelle, was full of energy this morning when we took in the sights and sounds (and tastes) of Quebec. The first stop was Montmorency Falls Park where we checked out the cool waterfall that people can now zip line over in the summer. It was a little chilly this morning to do that but we climbed the stairs and visited the top of the falls.
Quebec is probably one of the most European cities in North America. Just walking a few steps on the cobblestone streets gives you the feeling that you aren't in Canada anymore. And with no snow in December, it really didn't feel like Canada at all!
The shops along the street were decorated nicely for Christmas and holiday music could be heard outside some of the storefronts. Along the way I tasted some maple sugar and even maple water. They are unique tastes to experience in Quebec. But the history of the city is something else. I had no idea Quebec was the home to the first hospital in North America (north of Mexico, they kept reminding me).
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Top of The Charts & The Open Road with Jeremy Bradley: Live from Quebec brought to you by Quebec City Tourism
OK, so I lied. There is a bit of snow in Quebec right now. But it was scraped off the poor melting outdoor skating rink. These mild temperatures are wonderful but it's a disaster for winter activities. So yes, I did locate some snow. As well, I met some new furry friends outside a market. I think they wanted to co-host the show with me but they liked the microphone a little too much and thought it was a treat so we had to move on rather quickly.

Inside the market you could sample ciders and cheese and practically fill your stomach without buying anything! Of course you're tempted enough to get one of everything you try but the beer selection alone could have kept anyone busy for a very long time.
JB chats with his tour guide