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Get your bounce on in Quebec
Checking out the history of Quebec was fascinating but I had to add some high-energy stuff to the visit. That is why I checked out iSaute Centre de Trampoline. Only open for one year, this is a favourite spot for people who want to get their jump on. Not sure what to do for your kid's birthday? Fill them up with sugar and release them to the mats! Although, I think parents might get jealous and want to get in on the jumping fun -- I actually saw it happen here.
There is a trapeze, basketball nets and even a ninja warrior course that I just had to try out.
But the friendly staff gives you techniques about how to jump properly and offers tips on how to get through the course in a, well, I want to say reasonable time, but I failed to manage that. Though it did only take me five minutes, I'm told the record is 21 seconds.
JB chats about iSaute
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So I was able to bounce-sit-stand a few times. Sure, it took a few tries but I was able to do it. Then there was the tricky rope ladder that flipped me over and sent me into the foam blocks. The trapeze is pretty fun to go flying through the air and land on the pillowy cubes. But I had my sights set on the warrior course. All these little kids were doing it so a guy in his thir...twenties could surely do it, too.

Below you can watch from start to finish how I did. While I certainly didn't break any speed records, it is absolutely a workout for your body. I found myself huffing and puffing and having to stop a few times. I'm not sure if it was exhaustion or my body just saying, "What the hell are you doing?" Either way, I finished in just over five minutes.