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Checking out Quebec
If there is one thing I notice about Quebec City it is that the people have style. And with so many local fashion designers I had to check out Signatures Quebecoises. It's on the famous Saint-Joseph Street where dozens of Quebec designers are featured in this cute boutique in the basement of a church. But it's not just Quebec, I did learn of some designers from thoughout Canada here.
Across the street from Signatures is Benjo, Quebec's famous toy store. I was on the search for a toy bus to add to my collection and I found a couple but the prices were ridiculous! This cheapskate wasn't ready to throw down that kind of money!
A few short steps from the Hilton where I am staying, I noticed the CBC. I was a student intern there back in high school and even had my own four-week cheapskate series in Winnipeg a few years back. I had the idea to randomly stop in and see if I could meet the famous 6 o'clock news anchor, Bruno Savard. Aside from a couple of locked doors and still not knowing the difference between "push" and "pull" in French, it took me a few minutes but I found my way into the newsroom and met the man of the hour. He was gracious enough to take some pics and have a few laughs. It was great to have met the CBC Radio-Canada team in Quebec. (Thanks to Catou for the tour and warm welcome!)
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